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By the time you go through this page,

15 cases of crime against women would have been reported.

Most would be minors.

MukkaMaar , through it’s 3-year program for girls,

empowers girls with the skills to defend themselves physically,

and the mindset, to believe, that they are worth defending. 

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The problem of gender based violence with girls in India is a complex jigsaw of related problems such as, social structure, patriarchy, poverty, malnutrition and overpopulation. Besides facing severe neglect from families, girls are also ‘taught’ by society to behave in ways that make them ‘better victims’ of assault and abuse.

She is burdened with the responsibility of the assault itself, adding shame to the complexity of the situation. Crime against girls are not ones of aggression, they are crimes of power; in order to establish superiority of gender. Such crimes mostly take place because it’s easy to do so. Girls often don’t know an act is ‘wrong’ unless violent; the parents think it’s the child’s fault. Even if the girl knows it’s wrong, she doesn’t know where to seek help, and most of all, she doesn’t know how to defend herself, or doesn’t ‘think’ she will be able to.


In order to solve this complex problem, we use a comprehensive self-defence training program as a means to not only teach the physical part of the training but to also inculcate a system of values wherein the girls gain agency over their bodies.

Self-defence training (one that combines the physical techniques, assertiveness training and a mindset of agency) arms women with the skills to avoid, deter, interrupt, and resist assault. In order to defend the self, a woman must ‘perceive herself as having value’ over and beyond that of an attacker. Women must first feel ‘entitled’ to be safe and respected. Our program is designed to achieve the above end.

Proud to be selected as an incubatee in N/3 (2019) cohort of N/Core & UnLtd India's 2020 cohort.



We rely on your magnanimity to aid us in reaching out to more girls – supporting them while they get the tools to defend themselves. Your contribution is vital to their safety. Join us and let our brave-hearts know, they’re not alone!


Do you think girls are strong? Come be part of a cause where your contribution makes a world of difference. Volunteering is a simple way of offering your skills, and gets you involved in the fundamental levels of the organisation!



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