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Download research report – Power of body, voice and mind for every girl

MukkaMaar creates agency in adolescent girls, enabling them to live freely.

Self defence is not just a set of techniques, it’s a mindset; and it begins with the belief that you are worth defending. – Rorion Garcie


The emphasis on being soft, gentle, and ladylike has discouraged them from developing their physical potential, or expressing anger or aggression in any active or physical way. Females have thus been trained to be good victims. (Searles and Follansbee, 1984)


Self-defense transforms the way it feels to inhabit a female body.  (Mc Caughey, 1997, Rentschler, 1999). In order to defend the self, a woman must ‘perceive herself as having value’ over and beyond that of an attacker. Women must first feel ‘entitled’ to be safe and respected.

Leveraging existing infrastructure

We work in partnership with government bodies to deliver our programs to students and teachers for sustained impact.
Girls engaged in schools
Schools engaged
Teachers trained
Reach through workshops
Indirect reach through teachers
Students trained online

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Individual and systemic solutions


Self Defence*

*Empowerment self-defence is an evidence-based primary violence prevention system. It teaches individuals how to interrupt violence by listening to their intuition, assessing their options, asserting boundaries, using de-escalation strategies, and provides tools for a range of mental, verbal and physical responses.


Equity Labs

Development programs for adults working with adolescents to create gender equitable spaces. We believe that people have the wisdom to figure out what they need; our process recognises this wisdom and provides opportunities to share stories and rehearse concrete actions and possible solutions for real challenges.

Partners and supporters



We rely on your magnanimity to aid us in reaching out to more girls – supporting them while they get the tools to defend themselves. Your contribution is vital to their safety. Join us and let our brave-hearts know, they’re not alone!


Do you think girls are strong? Come be part of a cause where your contribution makes a world of difference. Volunteering is a simple way of offering your skills, and gets you involved in the fundamental levels of the organisation!

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