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A digital solution to empower 1M girls by 2025

Keeping the child at the centre, technology can drive change on a larger scale with speed. MukkaMaar is committed to this change through online methods while keeping a strong offline focus to learn, evolve and find evidence-based solutions. This grassroots presence also helps us design solutions that are more effective, feasible and sustainable.

POWER (Practice On WhatsApp for Empowerment & Rewards) with Mukki is our WhatsApp bot that uses 2-way conversational flows. Through it, girls can build fitness, build physical self-defence skills, identify types of violence and gain gender sensitisation. They also learn soft skills to deter threats, build assertiveness, learn negotiation skills, understand rights, and much more.

With just a few months of daily chats and activities with Mukki, the mascot, children can feel confident, have greater self-esteem and be better prepared to deal with threats.


Mukki (mascot) uses friendly language and relatable examples to drive learning

2-way bite-sized learning

Conversational flows with bite-sized learning modules, with 5-15 minute chats per day

Gamified Flows

Learn, Burn & Earn rounds for physical self-defence and life-skills

Language support

Flows in English, Hindi & Marathi. Support for 23 Indian languages


No app download, minimal data usage, anytime, anywhere


Leaderboards, rewards, redemption, mobile data packs

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