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2500 girls 45 schools

With a steady pipeline of of talent, we are now delivering the program to 2500 girls across 45 schools, and…


Selected to be incubated by N/Core (one of India’s leading social sector incubators, by Nudge foundation)) amongst 500+ non-profits in…

Women’s Day 2019

We celebrated International Women’s day through an Inter-school competition across our schools, in group demos, poems and debates, and saw…

1700 girls

With our strengthened team, we launch MukkaMaar in 33 schools teaching 1700 girls

More Wins

6 girls brought back more than 12 medals at the District level in Mumbai and State level competition held in…

Teacher Training

Developed and launched the MukkaMaar Teacher Training for professional martial-artists to create more trainers who can forward our cause and…


MukkaMaar was formally incorporated as a public trust with a vision to enable every girl in to be fearless

Joined hands with MCGM

We joined hands with MCGM (Municipal corporation of greater Mumbai) to deliver the programme across all their 1100+ schools

Women’s Day 2018

Celebrated International Women’s Day with demonstrations, documentary screening & workshop for 600 municipal school girls

School Pilot

Developed and piloted a comprehensive self-defence program in a public school teaching 300 students during school hours as part of…

First Wins

MukkaMaar girls participated in District level wushu competition and brought back 12 medals, including 2 at the State level held…

Nurture the Champs

Launched ‘Nurture the champs’ programme to prepare students interested in pursuing the programme as a sport, with extra advanced level…

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