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MukkaMaar COVID Warriors

This here is Saubhagya, one of our MukkaMaar trainers. He’s best known for being his easygoing, good natured self. Even in quarantine, when moods have been low, he’s been actively participating in our team meetings and has brought some fun and light to them. Well, he’s done something to help out the people in his area, and we’d like to highlight it.

Let’s set the scene: it’s 2 am and Saubhagya is up at home, pondering, when an idea strikes. MukkaMaar, as a collective, had already started an initiative to help out our students, their families, and their neighborhoods; he’d already been helping out here, by filling out some forms from the BMC for some of our students’ families, so they could get rations. He wanted to expand this work to his own area, and do something by himself.

He started off by getting supplies to people at a construction site and in chawls near his house. It was still early stages, and he didn’t have much support. His family was against him heading out, but he was adamant. He took all the right precautions, maintained appropriate distance from people, and slowly gained the trust of the people he was helping. Eventually, he garnered enough support that a few people from his society have begun accompanying and helping him out with this endeavour of his.

When I spoke to him about featuring this story, he was hesitant. He said he’s doing this for himself; he knows it’s a good deed, but he never did it to get highlighted on our page. Which is what made me want to get his story out there even more. A fantastic effort like this shouldn’t go unrecognised. Because Saubhagya has, in his own small way, contributed to society and helped out of his own accord. We’re all supremely proud of him!

Note: If you feel like this story hasn’t gone into much detail, it is on purpose. I’ve only shared the details Saubhagya was comfortable sharing with publicly, and I wouldn’t betray his trust and divulge any information he wouldn’t want out there. 🙂

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