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MukkaMaar Girls is our flagship program for girls. It acts as a springboard for all our work and learning.

“Fight Fight, Jo Kabhi Na Maane Haar, That’s Our Team, We are MukkaMaar!”

Why MukkaMaar Girls?


Girls are inducted into the program which lasts for 3 years

Access for all

To ensure that classes are accessible to all girls, classes happen during school hours.

Deep Learning

Bi-weekly classes for each batch through the academic years.


Mukkamaar Fellows who conduct classes in schools become people to look up to.


We work with teachers, school leaders and parents to highlight the need for safety.

Annual fest

We conclude each year in an inter-school competition bringing all stakeholders under one roof.

The program helps adolescent girls in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade in government schools to learn self-defence over three years. Twice a week, they learn martial arts and fitness techniques. Furthermore, they are taught verbal and emotional skills, and how to think critically about gender stereotypes. Girls are then able to recognise and respond to gender-based violence, advancing their ability to build a life of their choosing. The girls participating in the MukkaMaar Girls program feel safer, more confident, and are better able to stand up for themselves.

The program is based on extensive research into empowerment self-defence, adolescent agency and the well-being of adolescent girls. Girls are not just taught to fight back; they are also helped to develop the skills to prevent and handle different types of assaults and manage their emotions better.

MukkaMaar trainers are sensitive to gender issues and are MukkaMaar change-makers. Partnerships with government schools help take the program to girls who may be at higher risk of gender-based violence due to their challenging socio-economic backgrounds.

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