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Our work is building agency in girls.

The experience, threat and culture of violence significantly slow down a girl’s ability to build and exercise their own will.

To prevent violence, it is needed to recognise that violence happens on a continuum wherein microaggressions, discrimination, threats, and loss of opportunity are as much violence as assault. This is where we come in.

Our violence prevention interventions consider the culture of violence and the internalisation of it in women across ages to bring any change towards a violence-free world. They are created to prepare girls to deter and escape from assault and harassment and build skills to negotiate life decisions based on choice, and a critical gender-free consciousness that challenges the status quo and makes all forms of violence unacceptable.

Leveraging existing infrastructure

We work in partnership with government education departments to deliver our programs to students and teachers within government schools for a sustained impact.

MukkaMaar Girls

Girls reached through 'MukkaMaar Girls'
Schools reached through 'MukkaMaar Girls'

POWER with Mukki

Messages exchanged on 'POWER with Mukki'
Students reached through digital programs

Equity Labs

PT Teachers trained
Students reached through PT teachers

MukkaMaar Girls

Our flagship program for adolescent girls in government schools, MukkaMaar Girls is the foundation on which our work and learning are expanded.

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POWER with Mukki

Built on the MukkaMaar Girls Program, POWER with Mukki is our digital scalable solution that brings our flagship program to girls who cannot access it in schools, all at their convenience on WhatsApp.

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MukkaMaar Fellows under our Fellowship Program carry the MukkaMaar Girls Program on the ground in schools.

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